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Our company is a professional manufacturer of packing machines ,such as filling machine & labelling machine & capping machine & bag packing machine ,etc. We started to produce and sell packing machines since 2006 ,and we started to sell machines to various countries sinc 2009 .We got much experience to design & produce machines and quality control & packing safty in delivery  ,and technic service .

Presently we have 45pcs person in our factory , including 10 technicans, 3 colleagues for quality control, 2 colleagues for packing safty in delivery , 2 colleagues for technic service .   We are fully responsible for any machine from our company . Our warranty for all the machine is 1 year ,and our technic service is permanent . If you have any problem with our machine , just inform us and we will respond you within 24days .

On the basis of advanced equipment and workmanship in above 2000 square meter, we have excellent production technicians and an efficient distribution team, as well as good service staff members, so that we can undertake your orders very efficiently and offer services very effectively. When we have the confidence on the high quality of our products, we offer very competitive prices at the same time. 

Our business depends on your business and our purpose is "supporting you". We mainly provide popular products with high quality at home and abroad and create competitive advantages for our customers for their own competition. In addition, you can suggest any design or give any special requirement for our products and we will do our best to settle them for you. We believe our honesty and sincerity will make any cooperation agreeable. 

Yason General Machinery Co.,Ltd 

Professional Factory , One Year Warranty , Permanent Technican Service 

Address : No 408-1 Xiajin Road Jinzhu Indutrial Park Baixiang  Ouhai District Wenzhou city China 

Tel : (00)86-577-88799276, (0086)15858895408

Whats App: 008613387007131

Email :  worldyason@live.com

Website: www.medpacking.com

Email :  worldyason@live.com


CE Certificate

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Our company will be responsible for any machine from our company . If you have any problem about our product, please contact us by the following emails and we will respond you within 24hours .
Sales Email:    worldyason@live.com
Technic Service:   yasonmachine@outlook.com
Complaint:   medpacking@hotmail.com